Monday, 1 February 2010

k-the-i??? 'Broken Love Letter' (2006)

Despite growing to become the most popular form of music on the planet*, hip-hop still gets a raw deal from us alternative types. Now, there are a hundred tiny reasons for this but I'll keep that analysis for my Sociology paper. The main reason has to be that pasty faced sensitive kids assume all hip-hop is about gats, hoes, and crack, and they can't relate to that. They need poetry; deep, dark musings from the soul.
This is where our brave hero of the day, k-the-i??? steps in. Crafting a record about unrequited love, this man mountain from Massachusetts lyrically creates an accessible, universal appeal. I'm sure most of us can recall a time we've been spurned, even when the object of our affection has been blissfully unaware of our very existence, and we've thought hey, “you're not that beautiful”. Waitaminute, that's the title of one of the songs on here! This common thread persists lyrically throughout the album – it's very much one that speaks to the heart and soul, our hero 'fessing all his personal angst so us the audience, can sympathise and emapthise.
k-the-i??? also handles the majority of the production, and the music itself is fantastic. Stuttering, jerky beats, like an even more spastic Timbaland. This gives the album a feeling of even more intense rawness, like a heart that's been split open and out comes these weird sounds and heartfelt peans. I implore you dear Substix readers to at least give this album a chance – it's not for everyone sure, but for me it's one of the bravest, creative, most forward thinking, pieces of music of the last ten years, whilst also being so old-fashioned even Sinatra would've dug it.
C'mon, don't be scared.

*(this may not be statistically true, iunno)

'ere the good stuff 

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