Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Henry Rollins 'Big Ugly Mouth' (1987)

Early, occasionally stuttered recordings of Hank's early spoken word gigs. Rollins (that's pronounced 'raw'-lins, if you're American I guess) is in convivial mood, which will be disarming to anybody who is only familiar with his music with Black Flag, which split up a year before this was released. These spoken word tours proved a hit; he honed the formula of anecdote, opinion, humour and observation and to my understanding still tours relentlessly, to the joy of a devoted cult following. This early gig is a bit rougher around the edges than the later stuff, both in terms of audio quality and delivery, but any fans of Black Flag and a nice dose of realism should enjoy. Rollins would have been 26 here and his frank (sometimes overtly so, like Bill Hicks' 'Goat Boy' schtick), passive-aggressive, self-deprecating, social reject thing has always been very sympathetic and helped me through some hard
times... it helps that he's funny too. He may have matured in the last 15 years, but I miss the angst.
On this rip audio quality seriously dips off in places, but it's comprehensible and you won't be finding it anywhere else online, unless you buy it on sale =P
Great nostalgia factor, slap bang in the middle of Underground America on the campus circuit, complete with dated 80's references, good stuff.

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