Sunday, 21 February 2010


Originally compiled for my friend Trix; a spiritual sequel to my 2007 'Teatime Psychotropics' compilation of transatlantic 1960s psychedelic pop. A few non-UK/US groups. Mostly obscurities. Goes from the baroque and whimsical to more garage rock-y in the second half. Contains the best cover of Tomorrow’s ‘Real Life Permanent Dream’ you will ever hear. Non-aficionados of the era should probably steer clear and listen to fucking Deerhunter or something.

1. Scarecrow’s Love Affair - Blues Magoos
2. Time Track - Skip Bifferty
3. Life Is Short - Billy Nicholls
4. What Does It Feel - The End
5. When The Alarm Clock Rings - Blossom Toes
6. The Birthday - The Idle Race
7. Yo Recuerdo Mi Mundo - Los Shakers
8. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream - The Syn
9. Wake Up Cherylina - The Smoke
10. Real Life Permanent Dream - Orange Machine
11. Starvation - The Golden Dawn
12. Feathered Fish - The Sons Of Adam
13. The Letter - The Mops
14. Changing The Colors Of Life - Los Chijuas
15. All Night Stand - The Thoughts
16. 99th Floor - The Moving Sidewalks

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