Saturday, 2 February 2008

Henry's Phonograph - Standing In the Way of Progess

Art by Freddie Tyson-Brown (LOOK)

Disbanded (temporarily?) and much missed.

These chaps released one 10-track mini-album during their 4-year unsigned tenure on the Dorset scene: 'Standing in the Way of Progress' - a 4-track tape recording bursting at the seams.

Prodigious, idiosyncratic and political, they would have thrived in a post-industrial, Cold War-comedown psych-scape.

The curious, questioning and experimental heart of pop music lives on through records like this.

Henry's Phonograph -
Standing In the Way of Progress(mediafire link)
1 She Said: 'Live In the Now!''
2 The BBC Took My Baby Away
3 U.S. Empire
4 Purchase, Purchase, Die
5 Interlude
6 Untitled Anthem
7 I Meant To Kill Him
8 Meier's Trumpets
9 Bullet Wound Blues
10 So I Went Home And Listened To Led Zeppelin

'Girl I Want You, Dead' (Unfortunately I was so baked when I saw this
amazing set I couldn't stand up, luckily for posterity someone filmed)

'Sex, We've Got You Now' at the Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

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