Friday, 7 August 2009

Radio: the Cellar Tapes

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the ultimate radio bonanaza for the discerning 60's connoisseur; no matter how much you think you know you will learn something here.
Psychedelia, garage bands, girl groups, beat, mod R&B, folk and blues - the whole bit.

The show is broadcast from Stockport, Cheshire (that's north west UK) and presented by the Mancunian Candidate aka Ben, in a highly endearing Mancunian brogue. He calls his listeners cellar dwellers and it's presented in a great no-frills, old skool British radio stylee. Just passion for music and light-hearted musical entertainment... I suspect Ben is spiritually not of this decade.

I was tuned out for a while but I returned to the show to discover Ben's aptitude for securing the most amazing and unlikely interviewees, including Gary Burger of the Monks.
I'm posting this here because tomorrow he is interviewing Peter Daltrey from one of my favourite 60's groups - KALEIDOSCOPE. Need I say more?

The Cellar Tapes

1pm - Los Angeles
4pm - New York
9pm - UK
10pm - Berlin

TUESDAYS (repeat)

12pm - Los Angeles
3pm - New York
8pm - UK
9pm - Berlin

Live Stream here:

Reception's a bit dodgy but, hey, live with it!

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