Saturday, 18 July 2009

Film: Japanese Nouvelle Vague

^ Sunna no Onna (1964)

You may or may not be aware of a thriving underground on Youtube (i.e. videos cheekily given irrelevant or coded titles) of uploading collections of non-English and experimental films - much to the delight of at least a couple of thousand souls that are lucky enough to stumble upon these playlists.

I've encountered several users out on a mission to educate and save you and I the high prices of British Film Institute or Criterion Collection DVDs... Here's one of them:
From that page scroll down a bit to the video entitled 'HS' for Hadaka no Shima (Naked Island) - it's probably the best of early Japanese new wave from Kaneto Shindô. Or at least the best in this particular style - Shindô sticks to an old school Japanese film technique which to more impatient viewers might just be equivalent to 'not a whole lot happening for a long time'.
If you are one such viewer, please, just sit back to appreciate the framing, the mise en scene, the heartbreaking events depicted, the breathtaking beauty of the damned locations and shut up.

Right now I am living out my most sacred Japanese New Wave (nuberu bagu) fantasies and binging on films that haven't even secured a PAL DVD release as of yet (Europe always comes last, which is ironic because we probably watch the most foreign films).
There are of course plenty of sources for streaming full-length videos, but the majority of these seemed to be filmed on a mobile phone camera, tilted to one side and peeking out from under somebody's coat. So long live Youtube and 10+ intermissions per film!

However, if you've got a free evening and want something a bit more 'eventful', have this definitive industrial/cyberpunk body-horror film instead. Don't argue, just watch (and bemoan the soulessness of CGI):

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