Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Oh, sorry - I mean REBOOT. The 'rebooting' of the Substix franchise is still being shot by a fat-arse Hollywood sycophant, except now the lighting director has been dismissed and we are officially DARK and GROAN'D-UP.

The blog fell in to quiet disrepair because I was saying nothing to nobody. It was a dead duck.
So the new remit is just the music - with links to streaming movies and other dribs and drabs. All the files will be hosted on another server blablabla, but more importantly it's all 320kbps all the way (No FLAC, my connection is shit) and artwork where possible. There will be genre tags, there will be no-nonsense titles... Why, I can hardly contain myself!

Why should you download or watch what I post without question? Because I have maintained a near-jobless existence for at least three years, let 'friends' fall by the wayside and at times attained reclusive status; but in all this time I've been listening to shit, reading shit and watching shit. Most of it was good shit. Now I will share the best of it.

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