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The Fall - Fall In A Hole (1983)

^Click to enlarge. Awkard New Zealand 'zine interview

The third live album here, for you trainspotting Fallites. Recorded on the August, 1982 NZ leg in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington respectively. Back when I posted Totale's Turns I claimed that it was the best Fall live album (by definition one of the greatest live albums ever), and 'Fall In A Hole' only narrowly fails to top it. But if TT, with it's dictaphone-in-the-audience, anti-punk recording quality, was too much for you to stomach, then you'll love the comparatively clear fidelity on this.

There's yet another 'best line-up ever' documented here, the almighty double-drumkit powerhouse of repute and myth, playing all the 'hits' from the sonic riot that is the Hex Enduction era. The remaster is excellent, with depth as well as volume to the sound, a whole disc of extra tracks which essentially just turn this into a double album, and I have included scans of the well-worth-reading Sanctuary liner notes.

'Fall In A Hole', which as you are listening might as well be one continuous wet-dream of a Fall set, positively crackles with malevolent garage oomph showcasing the band for what they were and still are 27 years later under Smith's guidance - a great live band. My credentials only extend to one gig at the Oxford Zodiac for the Fall Head Roll tour, but recent footage doesn't disappoint, they still play LOUD.
I imagine one would have been similarly blown away by hearing the Monks in a dank German club in the mid-60's. But listen to this and just bear in mind: this is 1982, this is Culture Club, Bucks Fizz, the rise of 'popular capitalism' and buckets of yuppie wank.
And here were a band commanding your attention with social-surrealist poetry barked over driving, post-industrial, Can-like anti-grooves played at 'ilevin', with all the conviction of a Group completely and utterly Alone. Brilliant.

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