Saturday, 18 July 2009

Chris Morris - The Chris Morris Music Show (1994)

^'On The Hour' - groundbreaking news satire with yet another exposure of the sadistic British
right-wing tabloid institution
(the tape is obviously fake, I believe 'Neil Kinnock' is played
by Steve Coogan)

Satirical genius (a word I never use lightly) Chris Morris: if you're a Brit you probably know him better for his one-off TV shows that send up a moral panic-prone society, and it's po-faced news media which stokes the fires of PC/reactionary paranoia. But he's also had a long and fractious association with BBC radio - The Chris Morris Music Show was one of many live broadcasts he produced and presented (credit has to go to him for being great with mash-up sound editing and pastiche songwriting too).
Like 1992's innovative serial 'On The Hour', the Chris Morris Music Show features all manner of controversial stunts often with none-the-wiser interviewees; and Morris presenting us a warped, but depressingly familiar, version of reality.

Apart from going out of his way to bait any listeners without a sense of humour, his taste in music is also delectable; the playlist is a great mixture of classic funk/soul and prime cuts of indie rock and hip-hop from the early-to-mid 90's era (although they don't all escape mockery and 'embellishments'). One song he plays is below - I totally forgot about this, frankly amazing promo from everyone's favourite giant baby. Reminds one of 'Eraserhead' slightly (Pixies actually covered the Lady in the Radiator song, available from this post)

Highlights of the show so far include Chris getting a blowjob from the producer over Beefheart's 'Tropical Hot Dog Night' and offering students a GCSE exam hotline, where he reveals exam questions to callers.
You can stream and download all the radio rips from those (comparatively) golden 1990's right here. It's a long-running and unrivalled fansite for all things Morris, and it's got bloody everything.
Each show is an hour long, I've done three and cracked a rib.

Morris' last project proper: if you hate scenesters and think Shoreditch in London (or just all of London) should be reduced to a smoking crater littered with student guts, WATCH 'Nathan Barley'

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