Friday, 31 July 2009

Film: Noroi / the Curse (2005)

There are some exciting uploads on the way for you readers, real and phantom alike. Until then here's an above-average J-horror film I just viddied on the Boobtubes:

Noroi is a healthy mixture of profoundly scary and unintentionally funny, for some reason I can't make up my mind about it, which is either a sign that it's not that good or repeated viewing is required...

One day, maybe, the world will be treated to a horror renaissance on a par with the first time we saw Ringu or the Blair Witch Project; back in those dark, formulaic days of the Hollywood slasher revival. But Noroi isn't it. Still worth watching if you have the chance (i.e. now), it's essentially a hybrid of those two aforementioned classics: a chiller presented as a documentary of real events, incorporating the slow-moving but effective demons 'n' curses template of Japanese horror. True to that form it avoids cheap shots and pummels you with dread (a little too densely at times I thought, something that bothers me about another, much more confusing J-horror standard Ju-On/the Grudge); so when the camera finally gives you a 'money shot' you wet your proverbial pants.

It's an interesting, if relatively minor, deviation from the long worn-out formula of girls with long hair over their faces, creepy psychic children and confusing plots with loose ends.

Things to look out for:
Mr. Hori, the comic relief;
Approximately 7:38 on part 11;
Fetus ghosts


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